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Spirits & Worm - Self Titled LP


Audio Clarity Records

Reissue, originally released in 1970. An original vinyl copy of Spirits & Worm is among the rarest collectors' item LPs around. This item was released briefly in 1969, primarily in the New York City area and only a few copies got out before it disappeared. The legend goes that the album was pulled from distribution because the cover art (a couple of goats resting on a tombstone) was rumored to be satanic. A listen to the music, a collection of love songs with a Jefferson Airplane and Santana type sound, quickly dispels such associations. "Fanny Firecracker" and "You and I Together", featuring the Grace Slick-like vocals of Adrianne Maurici, came out as a single. Other group members were Carlos Hernandez (primary songwriter), Artie Hicks Jr., Alfred Scotti, and Tommy Parris. Don't know any more about them. Collectors of obscure vintage psychedelia shouldn't miss out on this.

A1. You And I Together
A2. Every Little Bit Of Love
A3. She
A4. Fanny Firecracker
A5. Sunny Please Hold Me
B1. Spirits & Worm
B2. All I Need Is A Little You
B3. She's The One
B4. You're Dynamite
B5. She's So Good