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Spokanarchy! - OST LP


Flat Field Records

Normally one wouldn't want to detach the music from the documentary film such as Spokanarchy! and release it as a stand-alone album. After all, other than a small pack of denizens of the Pacific Northwest still hanging about from the 1980s, most people would never have any clue just who any of these bands were, coming from the obscure Spokane, Washington scene the film carefully, lovingly recalls -- well, other than Vampire Lezbos, who made some small headway in the hardcore scenes of the '80s. In essence, most people would need to see the movie to understand why they should even care about these groups in the first place, let alone use it as a road map/reference guide to what it is they're seeing. That said, there wouldn't have been much point in doing the doc in the first place if the music couldn't stand on its own without proper introduction; after all, the whole premise of the punk, new wave, art rock, hardcore, and weirdo pop genres here was their absolute immediacy and overload of energy. You can only watch the film a couple times. You can listen to this forever.