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Switched On SNES - Secret of Mana LP


Subtropic Records

“The second installment of analog synthesizer Super Nintendo soundtracks from Switched On SNES. Hiroki Kikuta’s classic 1993 Secret of Mana soundtrack has returned in an all new way – played on Moog and other classic synthesizers, reminiscent of Mort Garson’s ""Plantasia"" and Isao Tomita’s ""Snowflakes Are Dancing.""

Old tape machines and and echo units create a warbly and rich analog texture, imparting a dreamlike feel to Kikuta’s compositions. The new instrumentation feels otherworldy while still invoking the nostalgia from the original soundtrack. The LP comes in both black and green/white on 180g with a run time of 38 minutes."

  1. Fear of the Heavens
  2. A Curious Tale
  3. Phantom and a Rose
  4. Into the Thick of It
  5. Mystic Invasion
  6. A Wish
  7. Spirit of the Night
  8. Calm Before the Storm
  9. The Wind Never Ceases
  10. Flight Into the Unknown
  11. Eternal Recurrence
  12. Whisper and Mantra
  13. I Won't Forget
  14. I Closed My Eyes