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Those Damn - Crows Murder & The Motive LP


Earache Records

From the very first moment of the album, "Murder And The Motive" instantly drags you in, and it doesn't let go until it's done. When opener 'Don't Give A Damn' kicks in, you know exactly what you're going to get from Welsh hard rockers Those Damn Crows - big choruses, catchy riffs and hard hitting rock anthems in the vein of Alter Bridge, Stone Sour and Black Stone Cherry.

'Blink Of An Eye' has a slightly softer approach, though retaining the energy and enthusiasm that flows throughout the album. 'Rock N Roll Ain't Dead', the sure-fire hit that serves as the band's mission statement, leads with a killer hook and captures the essence of their powerful and exuberant live performances.

'Seven Days' sees the band at their hardest and fastest, with guitars swerving around the main riff and a vocal performance from Shane Greenhall that can go toe to toe with anyone. 'The Fighter' and 'Breakaway' are both in contention for the highlight of the album, with both showcasing Those Damn Crows' ballsy, boisterous brand of high octane rock n roll at its finest. 'Fear Of The Broken', the album's finale, begins with a forthright, foot-stomping verse leading into a smooth, sing-along chorus that's a perfect end to one of the finest debuts in a long, long time.

Whilst many other bands, not to mention the musical press, are all too keen to invent a brand new non-sensical subgenre under the pretence of innovation, bands such as Those Damn Crows don't waste their time with such gimmicks. This is simply great rock n roll, a finely crafted collection of heavy hitting instant classics, and an assured and confident debut that refuses to be ignored. As the band themselves state, rock n roll ain't dead!

1 Don’t Give a Damn
2 Blink of an Eye
3 Someone Someday
4 Rock ’n’ Roll Ain’t Dead!
5 Behind These Walls
6 Say It
7 Seven Days
8 The Fighter
9 Breakaway
10 Fear of the Broken