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Throbbing Gristle - D.O.A.: The Third & Final Report LP


Mute Records

Mute are happy to announce the re-release of Throbbing Gristle’s D.o.A. The Third and Final Report of Throbbing Gristle on double CD (album plus 11 bonus tracks) with an 8 page booklet and transparent green vinyl with 8 page 12” booklet and download with the 11 bonus tracks. This is their second full length album, which was originally released in 1978 on the Industrial label. Pitchfork described the album as “a nauseating masterpiece, and an essential recording”. AllMusic stated that the album “finds the group assembling collages of computer noise, cassette tapes on fast forward, looped feedback and tape hiss, surreptitiously recorded conversation, threatening phone calls, and much more, all to a grand alienating effect, the sound of a gray day in a British tower block after all the drugs have run out.” The album was included in the book 1001 Albums You Must Hear Before You Die. Throbbing Gristle member Chris Carter recalled: “DoA showcased some of our strongest work and established the course we would head in.” Throbbing Gristle are Chris Carter, Peter ‘Sleazy’ Christopherson (who sadly passed away on November 25, 2010), Cosey Fanni Tutti and Genesis Breyer P-Orridge.

1 I.B.M. (Remastered)
2 Hit By a Rock (Remastered)
3 United (Remastered)
4 Valley of the Shadow of the Death (Remastered)
5 Dead on Arrival (Remastered)
6 Weeping (Remastered)
7 Hamburger Lady (Remastered)
8 Hometime (Remastered)
9 AB/7A (Remastered)
10 E-Coli (Remastered)
11 Death Threats (Remastered)
12 Walls of Sound (Remastered)
13 Blood on the Floor (Remastered)