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Title Fight - Hyperview LP


Includes mp3 download of album.

Anti- Records

Pennsylvania indie quartet Title Fight deepen their explorations into stranger territories on their third LP Hyperview. The somewhat dramatic transformation from their post-hardcore/emo debut in 2009 to the more melodic and thoughtful shoegaze style here suggests a growing maturity and a desire to leave behind the Warped Tour image that tends to linger with bands who were nurtured in that youthful and often unforgiving arena. Hints of this change of direction appeared on 2012's Floral Green, but largely their approach still relied on a thunderous aggro attack and the screamed vocals of bandleader Jamie Rhoden. With Hyperview, they've toned and turned down everything, drifting at times into hazy dream pop textures full of swirling, heavily chorused guitars and distant, reverberating harmonies. Announcing their transfiguration is the aptly titled opener "Murder Your Memory," a somber, billowing number full of wide-open space that sounds more like Disintegration-era Cure or Slowdive than the angry young men who made the first two Title Fight records. "Your Pain Is Mine Now" and "Dizzy" walk a similar path while standouts like the thrilling "Mrahc" and "Liar's Love" blend elements of their earlier emo style with a pop-oriented sensibility to create something new entirely. This more cerebral, head-nodding music shows that Title Fight are willing to experiment and even alienate fans who may not appreciate these more artful wanderings. There are still heavy tracks with plenty of bite like "Chlorine" and "Rose of Sharon," but even these are in keeping with the band's altered vision and that's a good thing. Whether or not Hyperview resonates with Title Fight's existing fan base, it was the right album for them to make.

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