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Tremblin': Steamy & Atmospheric Female R'n'B Vocals LP 


Pancho Records

Pancho Records presents Tremblin' - Steamy & Atmospheric Female R'n'B Vocals. Sixteen never-before-reissued tracks of the sexiest and coolest atmospheric female R'n'B. Compiled and designed by Jordi Duró. Features tracks from: Byrdie Green, Yvonne Baker, Carol Hall, Barbara McNair, Lula Reed, Wini Brown, Dolores Gibson, Berna Dean, Paula Grimes, Donna Dee, Ruth Brown, Bettye Smith, Oberia Martin, Johni Naylor and Dora Hall.

1. Byrdie Green – Tremblin'
2. Yvonne Baker – Eyes
3. Carol Hall – Beat Beat Click Click Tap Tap
4. Barbara McNair – He's A King
5. Lula Reed – Lovin'
6. Wini Brown – Johnny With The Gentle Hands
7. Dolores Gibson – I Got A Feeling
8. Berna-Dean – One Gal In Town, Five Men Hanging Around
9. Paula Grimes – You Move Me So
10. Donna Dee – Nobody's Gonna Hurt You
11. Donna Dee – Laughing At Me
12. Ruth Brown – I Don't Know
13. Bettye Smith – Much Too Much
14. Oberia Martin – Make It One For My Baby
15. Miss Johni Naylor – Red Wine For My Blues
16. Dora Hall – Hoochie Coochie Girl