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Ty Segall Band - Live in San Francisco LP


Includes mp3 download of album.

Castle Face Records

Ty Segall pushed the boundaries of his songwriting and his stylistic eclecticism on 2014's splendid Manipulator, but while that album suggested Segall could go practically anywhere he wanted creatively, there's clearly a part of the guy that just wants to turn up the amps and rock, and that man sounds like he's having a blast on Live in San Francisco, Segall's installment in the series of concert recordings released by John Dwyer's Castle Face label. This set is credited to the Ty Segall Band, the lineup that recorded 2012's monstrously loud Slaughterhouse; this live set isn't as seismic as that studio album, but it honestly rocks even harder and generates a tremendous supply of ear-kicking fun. Segall and his bandmates were not afraid to stomp on their fuzz pedals or let loose with gales of feedback on this particular night, and though the melodic strength of Segall's songs is still audible, the swaggering impact of the band's performance is the thing here, and even on plastic the over-the-top energy connects like a baseball bat meeting a fastball. Live in San Francisco sounds like a frantic blowing session where Segall and his bandmates are looking to draw sweat and move the crowd, and it's not hard to imagine that the audience must have been gloriously spent at the end of the night; this performance isn't much on fine details, but Segall and Company get straight As in terms of delivering big, psych-damaged, garage-infused hard rock, and if you want to hear Segall kick out the jams, Live in San Francisco is exactly what you need.