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Various Artists - Dangerhouse Vol. One LP


Reissue compilation.

Frontier Records

In 1977, Dangerhouse was one of the first independent labels to jump into the fray and document the burgeoning West Coast punk rock scene, and all these years later their taste and judgment seem damn near faultless -- they released records on many of California's finest first-wave punk bands, including X, the Avengers, the Weirdos, and the Dils, and future members of Wall of Voodoo and the Gun Club were lurking among the members of Dangerhouse's other acts. Thankfully, the folks behind the label were also mindful of production quality, and were able to make great sounding records despite limited means -- their stuff simply sounded better than what most indie labels were offering in the early stages of the game. Dangerhouse, Vol. 1 collects 12 classic cuts released between 1977 and 1979, including stone classics like X's original recording of "Los Angeles," the Avengers' anthemic "We Are the One," the Dils' blazing "Class War," Black Randy and the Metrosquad's superbly perverse "Trouble at the Cup," the darkly hilarious "Let's Shoot Maria" from the Deadbeats, the peerless Weirdos' "Solitary Confinement," and what may have been the label's true anthem, the Randoms' "Let's Get Rid of New York."

  1. Let's Get Rid of NY - Randoms
  2. Solitary Confinement - the Weirdos
  3. Trouble at the Cup - Black Randy & The Metrosquad
  4. Let's Shoot Maria - Deadbeats
  5. Disneyland - Eyes
  6. Class War - Dils
  7. We Are the One - Avengers
  8. Prolixin Stomp - Rhino 39
  9. Survive - the Bags
  10. Nothing Means Nothing Anymore - the Alley Cats
  11. Obsolete - Howard Werth
  12. Los Angeles - X