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Wand - Laughing Matter 2LP


Drag City Records

The new Wand album is a generous double-album, a record of love and terror experienced in epic doses. "Laughing Matter" is part fuzzy parable, travel diary, pep talk and lullaby, with Wand going as far they can, from concise guitar rock to multifarious, eclectic pastiche, rich with disruption and ascendant choruses. Wand form new music from the ashes of a world that can no longer suffer its human abusers, to inspire us to hold the spirit close and do whats next.

1 Scarecrow
3 Bubble
4 High Planes Drifter
5 Walkie Talkie
6 Thin Air
7 Hare
8 Wonder
9 Evening Star
10 Tortoise
11 Rio Grande
12 Airplane
13 Lucky’s Sight
14 Wonder II
15 Jennifer’s Gone