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Wild Billy Childish & CTMF  - Acorn Man LP


Damaged Goods Records

Billy Childish is the marathon man of British garage rock, a guitarist, songwriter, and bandleader who has cranked out over 100 albums of raw, primal rock & roll since he launched his musical career in the late '70s. Childish is keeping mum on what the name of his current ensemble, the CTMF, is supposed to stand for, but on his 2015 album Acorn Man, the music makes it clear Billy and his colleagues -- bassist and vocalist Nurse Julie and drummer Wolf -- are still flying the flag for his chosen style, where the growl of Link Wray's guitar, the amphetamine onslaught of the early Who, and the lo-fi smash-it-up spirit of the first lineup of the Damned find common ground. Acorn Man also delivers a classic Billy Childish rant with "Punk Rock Enough for Me," in which he offers an impressive litany of the things that live up to his standard of cool.