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Woe - Legacies of Frailty LP


Vendetta Records

***The eternal return—we are doomed to repeat our own history; the horrors of humankind resurface time and time again. This is our legacy, one of destruction, callousness, and self-aggrandizement in the face of our species' worst accomplishments. At the precipice of chaos, destruction, and hopelessness is New York-based black metal band WOE, whose new album—the band's first proper album since 2017's Hope Attrition—shows multi-instrumentalist CHRIS GRIGG at his most rejuvenated and feral. Legacies of Frailty is the result of a few choice things. Helming the project by himself in near-isolation, Grigg methodically and near-completely took over the recording, his first solo album since 2007's A Spell for the Death of Man. Though this seems like a brash move, having had a full band since 2010, Grigg's control of the songwriting process has been a consistent element in Woe's existence. Taking a darker, faster, and even more aggressive approach this time around, Legacies of Frailty's concept mirrors Grigg's performance and songwriting. Co-produced by Grigg and longtime collaborator GRZEISEK CZAPLA, this album's immensity is augmented by a fitting, just-clear-enough mix and master to give Woe a sharp sonic edge.