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Woke, Inc.: Inside Corporate America's Social Justice Scam

Author: Ramaswamy, Vivek

Publication Date: 08/17/2021

Format: Hardcover

A Young Entrepreneur Makes The Case That Politics Has No Place In Business, And Sets Out A New Vision For The Future Of American Capitalism. There's A New Invisible Force At Work In Our Economic And Cultural Lives. It Affects Every Advertisement We See And Every Product We Buy, From Our Morning Coffee To A New Pair Of Shoes. Stakeholder Capitalism Makes Rosy Promises Of A Better, More Diverse, Environmentally-friendly World, But In Reality This Ideology Championed By America's Business And Political Leaders Robs Us Of Our Money, Our Voice, And Our Identity. Vivek Ramaswamy Is A Traitor To His Class. He's Founded Multibillion-dollar Enterprises, Led A Biotech Company As Ceo, He Became A Hedge Fund Partner In His 20s, Trained As A Scientist At Harvard And A Lawyer At Yale, And Grew Up The Child Of Immigrants In A Small Town In Ohio. Now He Takes Us Behind The Scenes Into Corporate Boardrooms And Five-star Conferences, Into Ivy League Classrooms And Secretive Nonprofits, To Reveal The Defining Scam Of Our Century. The Modern Woke-industrial Complex Divides Us As A People. By Mixing Morality With Consumerism, America's Elites Prey On Our Innermost Insecurities About Who We Really Are. They Sell Us Cheap Social Causes And Skin-deep Identities To Satisfy Our Hunger For A Cause And Our Search For Meaning, At A Moment When We As Americans Lack Both. This Book Not Only Rips Back The Curtain On The New Corporatist Agenda, It Offers A Better Way Forward. America's Elites May Want To Sort Us Into Demographic Boxes, But We Don't Have To Stay There. Woke, Inc. Begins As A Critique Of Stakeholder Capitalism And Ends With An Exploration Of What It Means To Be An American In 2021--a Journey That Begins With Cynicism And Ends With Hope.